Circa 1983

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Circa 1983

Post  edward27821 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:00 pm

When I was about 28 (1983) my grandmother came to stay with us her last 2 years; She lived to 101 and one month
One DAY she saw an affraid apparition in her room of an old Evil or Very Mad man. Only she could see it.
Mama told her that it was just the Twisted Evil Devil; to which she replied, "Well, I know that!"
Momma then asked, "Do you think scratch I can chase him out with this broom?"
Grand-mamma replied, "Yea, Smile that'll work."
Mamma then proceeded to swat bounce at the walls, ceiling and floor with the broom telling that "rascal" to get the hell out of our house. She continued this right out into the street. The neighbors lol! must have thought the she'd lost it completely.
The apparition cheers never returned.


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