Holy Water , A Demon and the Van from No Where.

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Holy Water , A Demon and the Van from No Where.

Post  Jessbcuz on Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:51 pm

This is a letter I wrote to a Pastor after having a personal experience while running some errands and then dropping off some Holy Water for an investigation that was supposed to happen that night. I have taken out all names just for privacy.

I think you actually saved my life and answered my prayers today about this evil thing. I'm not kidding, I have to tell you this entire day has been bizarre!I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I had checked my messages right as I was leaving this morning when you had said the water was ready.I had to drive my dads girlfriend to work so I went over to dads. While she was getting her stuff together I walked up to the church and picked up the water, I walked back put it in my car and went into my dads. XXXXX asked me where I wandered off to, I told her I had to get the water etc, explained to her what was going on. we both had to stop at XXXXX and when I went to pay my total $6.66 on the nose. We looked at eachother and kind of smirked a little.

I needed gas so we stopped at the gas station in Finesville like usual. The man that works there usually isn't cheery and barely ever says anything other than "what can I get for you". Now mind you I had the water sitting in my cupholder. So while the gas was being pumped, XXXXX had asked if my sister was leaving for vacation tonight or tomorrow morning. I said she's leaving tomorrow, I was supposed to feed her cats but I think my mom may be staying at her place. We were both wondering why my mom was staying there and the gas attendant out the blue says "Because she's haunting you! Parents live to haunt their children and sometimes you need an exorcism to get rid of them" He was just teasing of course but it was just so out of left field. This guy never talks and he never seems to be in any kind of decent mood and for him to be joking and to say THAT was just WOW! SO we look at the water and both just started laughing. Not mocking it but thinking Wow this stuff is awesome.

So we continue our way when we get to the circles on rt 173 I watch carefully as usual (there's always some person that ignores the yield sign and jumps out in front of you). Well I was coming off the circle when I approach the last exit ...........Looking, looking ......nothing. As I am actually passing the off ramp in a split second I hear Cathy scream I look over to see a black van barreling right at the center post of my car. And when I say right there, I am talking a slight 2 inches. I made the split second decision to speed up instead of break. I don't know why I did that, was it the fact I dated a race car driver years ago and he taught me high speed driving tactics? was it the fact when I worked for the state that even though you already had your drivers license you had to endure intense training on defensive driving before you were certified to drive state vehicles? I don't know, I just knew to do what I did.

That car SHOULD have hit but my instinct was to "if it was going to hit me I rather it would have taken off my rear end than hit my passengers side of the car." Had I not done that --XXXXX should be dead, I should be in ICU and the car should be totaled. The jerk never even stopped he/she (didnt even have enough time to notice) just kept going. I pulled over immediately to check my car--After I steered away from the van out of nowhere, I had I had steered back to straighten out but I over compensated and my tires bounced off the median. So i said to her I needed to just get off the side of the road and sit for few minutes, so we get back in the car and find a parking lot to sit in. I sat there with my arms folded over the steering wheel and my head on top of them. Cathy was like "HOW DID YOU KNOW TO DRIVE LIKE THAT? Your reaction time was spot on and almost unheard of" She knew, the car was two inches away from going straight into her. There is no way that car should NOT have hit me. Whether it be I reacted wrong and it hit the center or I reacted the same and it took off my rear end instead...that car, given the speed of it, the direction it was turning while coming at me and how close it was by all rights should have hit me........Never touched my car. I just looked down at that water and stared at it--thats the ONLY way! XXXXX knew it too. Sure, I know that people have close calls all the time and driving in New Jersey everyday I always see some idiot jumping out from side roads and what not, but this is only the second time in my life I feared for my life like that. SO I dropped XXXXX off and headed to XXXXX's with the water.

I had told him what happened but I don't think he realized how bad it could have been until I showed him how bad my tires and rim had been scraped from bouncing off the median. I told him I didn't want them going tonight, I knew he wouldn't listen but this thing was evil and was trying anything to keep me from getting that water to him. Of course he's like "Jess I will be ok I've been doing this for 20 yrs blah blah" I knew he would protest but I had to speak my peace anyway because I did not want him or our other two investigators involved in this particular case. Well when I got home I had to lay down. Actually Im still shaken up--well about an hour before he was supposed to go the other team called him (this is one time their lack of knowledge and disorganization works for me) and cancelled. I didn't rub it in because I knew XXXXX was disappointed but I couldn't be happier about it. My guys/girls are safe from whatever this THING is. I know this boy needs help and I hope he does get it but I couldn't be happier this thing was cancelled tonight. This THING tried to kill me and another to keep me from getting that water there.

So I am sorry I didn't respond earlier, I wasn't actually at my computer I had been laying down. And I do apologize my epic novel of a message but I felt I needed to share it with you. Had I decided to come back later for the water instead of just taking it with me and going the other way to XXXXX's you may not have even received this message tonight. I really think if the water was not in my car that van would have, could have killed us or at the very least injured us badly. I didn't have enough time for this but XXXXX literally saw blood, ambulances and her life flash before her eyes. She thanked me for saving her life--but it wasn't me, I wasn't "driving" the car at that moment.


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